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The Haunting of Falkland started in 2020 by Thunder Boyz Productions Inc. (TBPI) and the Falkland and District Community Association (FDCA).  The COVID-19 pandemic had most Halloween events being canceled. The event's purpose was to give the kids in town some sort of fun activity during Halloween that was COVID-19 compliant. To the amazement of TBPI and the FDCA over 450 people attended. 

In 2021, the partnership welcomed the Falkland Museum and Heritage Park. The partners decided to expand the event in 2021 and use it as a fund-raiser for all of the area's non-profits, as they all felt the impact of the pandemic.  Over 1,500 people attended in the 2021 event.

In 2022, the Falkland Museum and Heritage Park took lead on the event with the FDCA and TBPI being contributing partners.  Over 3,500 people attended and the event raised over $10

In 2023, the Falkland Museum and Heritage Park, along with TBPI, put on another successful Haunting. With the popular addition of the Hunt and the Zombie Shoot, reviews were coming in that the scaring was on point.

The planning for 2024 has commenced and it will yet again be even bigger and better than last year.  With more additions and changes in the works, we look forward to scaring every single one of you!  


Thank you to everyone who came out to support us in 2023!

It was a great year with some exciting scares and new activities.

The Hunt and the Zombie Shoot will be coming back again this year, along with a couple new attractions. We're aiming for a bigger and better event this year that surely will scare!

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